Residential Appraiser

Residential Appraiser
This is professional work in the mass appraisal of residential real property in Sarasota County. Activities include property inspection and collection of field and market data, research, organization, analysis, and interpretation of market data in order to establish just values for real property; discussions about and explanations of value with taxpayers and preparation of single property assessment reviews for oral presentation in Value Adjustment Board public hearings, or legal challenges to value. Reports to either the Residential Valuation Manager if stationed at the North County office and/or the Residential Valuation Supervisor if stationed at the South County office.


Collects, analyzes, interprets, and processes data
Assists with professional development and training of less experienced Appraisers as directed
Able to recognize and anticipate data or valuation problems and develop solutions
Conducts and ensures property inspections are completed in accordance with Florida Laws
Develops and utilizes regression analysis and other statistical models
Specifies and calibrates valuation models on a mass appraisal basis
Receives and makes telephone calls to taxpayers regarding concerns of property valuations
Determines just values based upon analysis of location, use, income, and other factors
Utilizes the three approaches to value
Able to develop adjustments from market data
Allocates values and makes adjustments for split or combined properties
Prepares and presents data and information to Value Adjustment Board as required
Other related duties as assigned

Associates degree with 5 or more years of related experience in mass or single property appraisals with CFE, State Certification, or Bachelor’s degree and 3 to 5 years of related Appraisal experience
Those employees hired without proper certifications must achieve them within specified periods of time
Varying combinations of education and experience will satisfy required minimums
All courses and certifications must be completed before promotion to the Senior or Management level
Must possess a valid Florida driver license

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