Student Referral Network

Recommend Bert Rodgers School and Earn FREE Courses!

  1. Refer a friend to Bert Rodgers Schools for a Pre-Licensing Course
  2. Have your friend provide us with your Full Name or Student ID#
  3. Once your friend completes their course you will receive (1) referral credit voucher via email

Bert Rodgers Schools student referral network allows the opportunity for current students to provide new students they refer to Bert Rodgers Schools a discount on their pre-licensing tuition. Once the new student completes their course you will receive a referral certificate that can be redeemed for courses listed below.

Redeeming Credits Options:

1 Credit 14hr Real Estate Continuing Education
3hr Core Law
3hr Business Ethics
3 Credits 30hr Broker Post Advanced Topic
30hr Broker Post License Single-Family Residential Property Management
28hr Reactivation Book Included
15hr CAM Continuing Education
16hr CAM Pre License
5 Credits 63hr Sales Pre License Career Success Package
45hr Sales Post License Book Included
72hr Broker Pre License Book Included



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Student Referral Network