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Bert Rodgers Schools is Becoming Gold Coast Schools – Exam Prep

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Our Florida exam prep is now offered through Gold Coast Schools

Exam prep courses offered through Gold Coast Schools include:


On exam day, you deserve to feel poised and ready. Which is why Bert Rodgers is becoming Gold Coast Schools, a long-standing leader in Florida real estate education. As part of our transition, Gold Coast will become the exclusive provider of Florida real estate exam prep starting July 6, 2023.


With this transition, you’ll enjoy the best of Gold Coast Schools, including its variety of learning modalities. Students can select their preferred way to take courses, including instructor-led livestream classes, self-paced online courses, or in-person classrooms.


Here’s what you can expect with Gold Coast’s Florida real estate exam prep:

Real estate exam simulator
Take practice exams that simulate the real deal.

Digital flashcards
Practice terms and definitions found on the actual exam.

12,000+ practice questions
Test your knowledge with questions similar to what you’ll find on the exam.



About Gold Coast Schools

With a single location, Gold Coast Schools began operations in 1970 as a real estate school. Today, it is one of the country’s largest providers of education in real estate, appraisal, mortgage, insurance, CAM and construction education. We now have campus locations across Florida and serve distance learners through both online and livestream formats.

With a continued focus on providing a superior student experience, Gold Coast’s valued career counselors are dedicated to helping students register and get what they need to be successful. The same is true for our instructors, who we carefully select based on their industry experience and presentation skills to ensure they’re setting our students up for career success.

About our partnership

Bert Rodgers and Gold Coast Schools are members of the Colibri Group family, which provides unmatched career education solutions. Together, we work to ensure Florida’s real estate students get exactly what they need to succeed in the industry.