Gold Coast FAQs

Bert Rodgers Schools is Becoming Gold Coast Schools

We are becoming Gold Coast Schools and will be offering even more ways to meet your real estate education needs. The real estate profession is changing, and we all have found ways to adapt. At Bert Rodgers schools, we have helped educate over a million licensed professionals and will continue to serve millions more under our new name.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Bert Rodgers Schools transition to Gold Coast Schools?

We are sharing the news now that Bert Rodgers Schools is becoming Gold Coast Schools. The transition will take time, and we want to give students plenty of notice. In 2024, the transition will be complete.

Why is this transition happening and how does it benefit me?

We understand the hard work that goes into getting and maintaining your real estate license, which is why we’re now partnering with Gold Coast Schools, Florida’s leader in classroom, livestream, and online education for real estate professionals. With Gold Coast Schools, students will have access to more options for learning, including online self-paced, Livestream and classroom. Gold Coast Schools also has learning programs for construction and community association management professionals, among other professions, so you can explore other industries or just dive more into the robust learning options for real estate.

Gold Coast Schools has the same recipe for success as Bert Rodgers Schools. Our name is changing, but some things never change, like the expert instructors you love, our friendly customer service and our commitment to giving you the most flexible options for your education.

What are the differences between Bert Rodgers Schools and Gold Coast Schools?

Bert Rodgers Schools and Gold Coast Schools have both been serving Florida students for decades. While there are many commonalities in the way our companies do business, there are several exciting differences.

With Gold Coast Schools, students will have access to additional professions, multiple new learning formats (including access to live Q&A with instructors), and many in-person locations for classroom learning, primarily in South Florida. Both Bert Rodgers Schools and Gold Coast Schools have expert instructors who have taught over a million new and seasoned professionals, and you can keep learning from your favorite instructors. We are keeping everything you know and love about us (like our amazing customer service) and adding more learning options. It’s a new look, with the same quality education.

I earned one or more reward certificates through Bert Rodgers’ referral program. With the transition from Bert Rodgers to Gold Coast, what happens to them?

Any reward certificates you received from Bert Rodgers will automatically transfer for use/redemption at Gold Coast. Simply call us at 1-800-432-0320 to learn your balance and how to redeem toward a course purchase. And once you’re a Gold Coast student, if you refer others to the school, you can earn even more reward certificates. Learn more about Gold Coast’s referral program ⁠here.