Referral Network

Joining the Bert Rodgers Schools referral network gives you the opportunity to provide the students you refer to Bert Rodgers Schools a discount on their pre-licensing tuition. Please complete the form below to enroll.

Once enrolled you will be provided your own personal web page for you to distribute to potential licensees. This personal web page will automatically apply the discount and send you a referral certificate once the student completes their course. Your referral certificates can be collected and used towards free courses.

Redeeming Credits Options:


1 Credit 14hr Real Estate Continuing Education
3hr Core Law
3 Credits 30hr Broker Post License Management
30hr Broker Post License Investment
28hr Reactivation Book Included
20hr CAM Continuing Education
20hr CAM Pre License
5 Credits 63hr Sales Pre License Career Success Package
45hr Sales Post License Book Included
72hr Broker Pre License Book Included

Company Referral Network

This form is used for companies to complete and join the referral network.