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Bert Rodgers School of Real Estate

Bert Rodgers Schools is Florida’s leading provider of online real estate courses helping more than 2 million students achieve and renew real estate licenses since opening in 1958. Online real estate courses allow you to study and complete courses on your time. Whether you are looking to start your real estate career or renew your existing license, Bert Rodgers offers online courses that are perfect for you. Our helpful staff can be reached by calling 941-378-2900.  We are readily available and willing to help answer any questions that you may have.  Below you will find a list of all of the real estate courses offered at Bert Rodgers School of Real Estate.  

Available Online Real Estate Courses:


Start your real estate career by becoming a sales associate “agent”, or enhance your existing real estate license by becoming a broker.

Choose your course below:

Sales Associate 63-hour Pre-license Course

Get your real estate license and start your career today! This 63-hour course prepares you to become a licensed sales associate/agent.

Broker & Broker Assoc. 72-hour Pre-license Course

Expand your real estate career and become a real estate broker. You only need 2 years of active real estate experience to become a Florida real estate broker.

State Exam Prep

Online practice exams designed to help you pass your state exam and get your license with ease.

Choose your course below:

Sales Associate Online Practice Exams

Broker & Broker Associate Online Practice Exams

Mutual Recognition Online Practice Exams

Post-License & Continuing Ed

License renewal courses for keeping your Florida real estate license active. Don’t let your license expire. We make it easy to renew your license.

Choose your course below:

14-hour Real Estate Continuing Education

Renew your existing Sales Associate or Broker license with our convenient license renewal course.

3-hour Core Law Continuing Education

For Sales Associates and Brokers who only need the required 3-hours of core law to renew their license.

Sales Associate 45-hour Post-license Course

This license renewal course must be completed within 24 months of receiving your sales associates license.

Broker & Broker Assoc. 60-hour Post-license Course

This license renewal course must be completed within 24 months of receiving your broker license.

28-hour Reactivation

Reactivate your real estate license with this course if it has become involuntarily inactive for more than 12 but less than 24 months