How to Choose the Best Florida Real Estate School

Choose a School

In the state of Florida there are hundreds of real estate schools that offer the required education needed to obtain and renew a Florida real estate license. Choosing the best real estate school for you depends on a number of factors including everything from price, quality, support, and course format. While it is no secret that here at Bert Rodgers Schools we would love to have you as a student, this article will give you honest information about how to compare real estate schools to determine which program is best for you.


Education is no different than anything else that you purchase when it comes to price variances. In the real estate education arena, prices vary drastically and we encourage you be cautious of, “The deal that seems too good to be true.” So often that is the case, and students who enroll in extremely low cost providers offering, “promotion codes of the day,” end up getting a bad deal in the end. At Bert Rodgers, we have hundreds of students enroll in our program after wasting their time and money with schools that use these strategies to attract students.


When it comes to your education, we can’t stress the importance of enrolling with a school that has a long history of providing quality education specific to the Florida real estate industry. Bert Rodgers, along with several others, truly provide the quality education that you will need to be successful.

The advantage of enrolling with an education provider that is solely focused on providing education for the State of Florida, is that you know that you are not getting a “generic” course designed to be sold across multiple states. Generic courses often lack the specific information that you will need to know in order to successfully obtain and renew your Florida license. Some national providers often adopt a generic content strategy in order to serve multiple states, and their students tend to struggle as a result of poor quality content specific to that state’s licensing exam.


Have you ever needed assistance with something and have had nobody to turn to? We’ve all been there and it is extremely frustrating when companies advertise help and support, but fail to provide it. Reputable schools have the tools and resources in place to provide students with the support that they need to succeed.

Bert Rodgers has helpful Student Services Representatives available to answer any questions that you have about getting started, the licensing process, or any general questions that you have. Each online course is backed by our technical support team that is dedicated to making sure your course works flawlessly on whatever device you choose. Additionally, if you have questions throughout your course, instructor support is only a phone call or email away.


In today’s digital age, there is a growing trend in online learning that is accompanied by an increase in the number of online learning education providers. For many, online learning provides the convenience and flexibility that they are looking for while including many of the same benefits of a classroom course. Bert Rodgers provides online real estate education that mirrors the type of learning you would receive in a classroom through the use of video, animations, and interactive exercises that enable students to learn by doing.

For traditional learners, there are many brick and mortar schools throughout the state that provide classroom based, instructor lead, real estate education. Depending upon your learning style, a classroom course may be the best option for you.

Regardless of the course that you choose, we strongly recommend doing your research. Beyond just reading reviews, which we certainly encourage you to do, call or email the school. See how well they support you before you are a student because it will give you a good indication of how well they will help you once you have enrolled.

If you have any questions about real estate education, our staff is here to help. Give us a call at 1-800-432-0320 or visit us online at . We hope that you gained valuable insights from this article and would love the opportunity to have you as a student in the near future.