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Real Estate Continuing Education 28-Hour Reactivation

Real Estate Continuing Education Courses

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14-Hour Real Estate Continuing Education – Tuition Only $24.97

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See what’s inside the NEW Bert Rodgers Schools Florida Real Estate Continuing Education Course and Book: 14-Hour Real Estate Continuing Education Edition 15 Table of Contents

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Follow these easy steps to complete your FREC approved 14 hour real estate continuing education for Florida

i. Study the 14-Hour real estate continuing education course materials (print , e-book, or online course PDFs)

ii. Take the 14-hour course Final Exam (30 questions; passing score is 80%)

iii. Submit your final exam answers for grading

  • Online Exams: Use the SUBMIT button at bottom of the Final Exam to record your answers. After receiving your score, you must follow the instructions on the screen to close the course and open your certification of completion.
  • Correspondence Exams: Fax your answer sheet for grading to 941-378-3883 or email a scanned copy of your answer sheet to

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Tuition includes online grading, e-book and pdf, access to course resources to help you study and, as always, re-Exams and electronic reporting of successful completion to the DBPR at no additional charge.

Exam 15A and Exam 15B


Exam 15 and 15B with Framable Certificate of Completion


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Exam 1 with framable Certificate of Completion


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Exam 4 with framable Certificate of Completion


Exam 5 with framable Certificate of Completion


*Price valid until April, 2015.

*BONUS Content: Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Update written by Florida Senator Nancy Detert.

Your real estate continuing education tuition includes this BONUS article written exclusively for Bert Rodgers Schools’ students by Florida Senator Nancy Detert. The Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Act Update includes the latest information on changes in Florida’s flood insurance requirements. Will Biggert-Waters accomplish its goal of fixing the 20 billion dollar shortage in the national flood program, and to make the program actuarially sound? Florida Senator Nancy Detert provides an overview of recent changes designed to help accomplish the Acts lofty goals.

*You are not tested on bonus content materials. These materials are presented for your professional development only.

First-time License Renewal for Sales Associates and Broker Associates

Is this your first license renewal as a Sales Associate or Broker Associate? Post-License education is required for sales associates, broker associates and brokers during their first license renewal period. See the Post-license Course for more information or give us a call at 941-378-2900 and our friendly student services team will help you find the correct course to meet your education requirements.

At Bert Rodgers Schools, our mission is rooted in a commitment to excellence, access and impact. We pursue real estate educational content that contributes to your success, the public good, and addresses the most pressing real estate challenges, whether they are economic, social or cultural in nature.

Bert Rodgers Schools is one of the only schools in Florida to offer original content to Florida’s real estate licensees. Each renewal period, we develop a unique blend of current topics and required Florida legal updates to strengthen your professional skills.