Real Estate- Continuing Education Online Grading

If you received a Bert Rodgers Continuing Education Textbook and would like to submit your completed exam, you can do so using the following grading methods.  If you would like a copy of the most current continuing education book for license renewal, please contact us at 941-378-2900 or click here and we will be happy to mail you one.

  • Instant Online Grading:  Online Grading
    • Get instant results by utilizing our online grading method to submit your answers.
    • Upon completion, we will report your passing grade to the state and you will receive a pass slip to keep for your records.
  • Mail, Fax, or Email your completed exam along with payment to:

*For students completing the continuing education course on, or close to a license renewal deadline, so long as your course in completed before midnight on the day of the renewal deadline, your completion will be valid with the state.  Be sure that you pay your license renewal fees to the state in order to complete your license renewal.  Click Here to pay your license renewal fees.