Practice Tests for the Florida Real Estate Broker’s Exam

Are you preparing to pass your Florida Real Estate Broker’s Exam?  Bert Rodgers is Florida’s leading provider of online training for real estate professionals.  Since 1958, students have trusted Bert Rodgers to help them pass the state exam.  Our online broker exam prep programs are designed to help you pass the state exam on your first attempt.  Below you will find information about the various options that are available to you.

The secret to passing your Florida Real Estate Broker’s Exam is to continue to review the material and practice answering questions similar to the ones found on the actual state exam.  These exam prep options are designed to consolidate your studying and enable you to focus on the key information needed to pass.

Self-Study Prep: $119.00   register-now

Our Self-Study Prep Program for Brokers includes:

  • The Florida Pre-license Broker Prep Book
    • This textbook supports the Broker State-Exam Prep course as well as the Broker Pre-license course
  • The Florida License Law Review Book
    • Our Florida Real Estate License Law Review book contains valuable information to refresh your knowledge of Florida License Law.
  • Language of Florida Real Estate printed resource book
    • A valuable reference tool, this convenient book provides a summary of the major concepts and definitions you will encounter throughout your career.

(This course contains no online elements.  All course materials will be shipped to you.)

Online Broker Prep Program: $189.00    register-now

The Online Prep includes:

  • The Florida Broker State Exam Online Course including:
    • Valuable test-taking tips, formulas, key time periods, and measurements.
    • A summary of material required by the State’s pre-license syllabus and Bert Rodgers Schools 72-Hour Broker Pre-License Course.
    • Separate closing statements section.
    • End-of-Module quizzes containing rationales on the correct answers.
    • 2 practice exams.
  • The Florida License Law Review Online course
  • Our Florida License Law Review course was designed to help you gain a working knowledge of Florida License law and help you pass your state exam! Study modules covering FREC Rules to Federal and State laws, and reinforce your knowledge with exercises, quizzes and practice exams.
  • Language of Florida Real Estate printed resource book